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What is Henna and History? Some Interesting Facts

Henna also called as Mehndi is the everlasting traditional style in the history of Asian and Arabic civilization to decorate the body parts. Since ancient time man has been using that kind of things to present his body in a more decorated way. Its importance is even mentioned in the classic Hindu Vedic medical books as well. In addition to Hindus of the sub-continent, the Egyptians were also found of dying their hair with Mehndi. It was then used as a means for cooling the body in the heat of the desert.hennapowder

So, one thing clear from the lines as mentioned above that henna is not something new. Now it has been practicing in the Asian, African and Arabian regions. To some extent henna is also being used in Western culture in the shape of the tattoo. But the material being used and the way of processing is very different from Mehndi. However, overall it can be said the tattoo is derivative from henna.henna-temporary-tattoo-cancer-patients-henna-heals-1

At the start, it was common in women as compared to men and was used as palms. As the time progressed, women started to use it to decorate her hands and feet. It was also used as a means for the tattoo in past as well, but no tattoo has got another significance with total new style and material used for it.Henna-salon-in-dubai

The way of working of henna is fascinating. It is the paste of the product named itself Mehndi that is wrapped in a cone and then applied on the part of the body mainly hands and feet. Around fifteen years ago it was common to implement the henna by using needle any stick. Instead of adding the extra layer of color to the skin, it, in fact, gets itself absorbed in the human skin. The skin then shows the color of henna instead of displaying own natural color.Banner-Henna-Hands-

Henna has very strong importance, or you can say influence in the South Asian weddings. Even a day in marriage named Rasm e Henna is dedicated for this.

Check out some interesting facts about henna.

  • It was used for the first time 5000 years ago in Egypt.
  • Henna arrived in sub-continent in 12th century AD. In Hindustan (modern India and Pakistan), Mughals were the first to introduced it properly.
  • Indians use all designs for henna like faces of their Gods, animals, etc. while Muslims try to avoid the objects like animals or human because these resemble the statues.
  • In Hebrew and Jewish, henna is called as Chenah
  • Henna is a now must have an element in Asian weddings either it is in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.
  • It is still used as a remedy for various health issues. North African people still use it as a means of keeping their teeth and gums healthy.
  • Instead of adding a layer on skin or embedding in the skin, it basically absorbed into the skin. It’s absorbing procedure is entirely different from the tattoo and body paint.

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