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New Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs – Henna

In Asian countries, it is common practice among ladies to decorate their body parts like hands, feet, and shoulders with mehndi designs. Pakistani, Indian and Arabic mehndi designs are some popular mehndi designs among mehndi fashion lovers. Arabic mehndi designs are getting popularity because of being the different and diverse type of …

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25 Modern Creative Henna Designs – Mehndi

Modern day henna designs mean only those designs that are popular nowadays. Henna has a great importance in every girl life. With the development of style and status of living, henna designs have also been developing since ancient time. The rising number of the henna and beauty parlor are also …

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22 Traditional Henna Designs – Mehndi

The word traditional itself stand for something that is entirely different from the acceptable modern principles. In the same manner, traditional henna designs mean those designs that are entirely different from the modern day henna designs. In the traditional henna design, you will notice one thing that these are complicated …

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25 Latest Floral Henna Designs – Mehndi

The word floral itself stand for an object like the flower. So basically the floral henna designs are henna flower designs. The complications of any henna design depend on the design you are going to apply. However, floral and peacock henna designs are widely accepted as the complex henna designs …

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Beautiful Henna Designs for Kids

A lot of henna designs are there over the internet for girls and women made for all occasions and events. There are bridal henna designs, engagement henna designs, Indian henna designs, Arabic henna designs and various others. Maybe you have seen some designs to decorate the little hands of your …

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Latest Henna Designs 2016 for Hands and Foot

Jewelry, henna, and makeup are those three fundamental elements without which there is no concept of fashion for women. Henna designs are among those fashionable products that are now the part of fashion life of every woman. They like to use henna not to avoid sunny weather or heatstroke. The …

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