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New Mehndi Designs for Hands – Henna

Mehndi has a great importance in South Asian and Middle East countries. In these places, it is taken as a product for decorating the several body parts like hands, feet and shoulders. Today it is even being used as means for getting the mehndi tattoo designs as well. Women in Asian and Arabian countries like to decorate their body parts particularly hands by using this natural product.

Here are some new and stylish mehndi designs for your beautiful hands.

1Mehndi Designs 1

First, we have got an Arabic mehndi design for the back of the hand. Anyone can do this floral mehndi design.  However, it will fascinate more to the hands of the bride.

2Mehndi Designs 2

It is another perfect example of mehndi design for the palm side of hand. You can do this design on both of your hands. If talk about the pattern, it is a tribal floral mehndi design. The design is little complicated but very perfect.

3Mehndi Designs 3

Apparently this design is looking very intricate, but it uses very simple mehndi design to create a simple and beautiful pattern all over the back of the hand. The touch of floral and peacock mehndi design is also highlighting here.

4Mehndi Designs 4

This design is looking complicated, but you can do it by yourself. All you required is to follow the pattern and arrangement. You will surely be able to draw this design in its perfect shape and order.

5Mehndi Designs 5

It is going to be the one of the best mehndi design of our list. The artist of this job has really done a great job by arranging heart, floral, and peacock design at one place. The addition of curved dotted patterns or giving a stylish look.

6Mehndi Designs 6

It is simply gorgeous and will suit more to the hands of the bride. If you look it closely, then you will realize the designs on the palms of both hands are different so keep this mind while going for this design.

7Mehndi Designs 7

One this is clear about mehndi design that there is no limit. Just see what we have got for you, a stunning and charming mehndi design for the entire hand and arm. The flowers are arranged in a perfect order and numbers.

8Mehndi Designs 8

Once it was a time when Mehndi was the part of the culture, but now it is the part of fashion because of availability of various designs. It is a tattoo style mehndi design for the wrist.

9Mehndi Designs 9

It is a bridal mehndi design for hands. The specialty of this design is that it is the perfect chemistry of floral and abstract designs where the hand is completely covered with decorative elements from the hands right up to the elbow.

10Mehndi Designs 10

The word mehndi itself is now popular because of mehndi designs not for the sake of word mehndi only. Mehndi is now the part of the fashion of women. It is an Arabic style mehndi design that is nowadays most popular in Indo-Pak.

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