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New Beautiful Pakistani Henna Designs

Pakistan will always be on those platforms where there will be the discussion about arts and creation. Just like other designing elements here henna is also an artistic work for the people living here. The reasons behind the creative artistic skills of Pakistanis are that the Muslims rulers of the subcontinent were found of art and construction. Same passion can be read out from the henna designs being used here.05afa0e3846091d972af45e74480d4ea

There were Mughals who introduced the henna in the subcontinent. The elements of Arabic and Indian henna designs can be broadly traced in the Pakistan henna designs. But Pakistani henna designs are very different from the Indian and Arabic henna designs to much extent.

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4276df06fdbef81491ab183b367b3f69 Pakistani henna designs are distinct from the Indian henna designs in that sense Indian openly uses the living objects in their designs most of the time. But in Pakistani henna designs, there is no concept of those designs that are in resemblance to any living idol or statue. Similarities are also there, but these are few like usage of leaves, vines, petals, lines, etc. Pakistani henna designs are also different to Arabic henna designs on various grounds. Arabic mostly uses the complex design structure while in Pakistan there are both acceptable simple and complex. Moreover, Arabic henna designs contain external materials in the shape of gems and colors as well. In Pakistan, this trend is also populating.3e0e58c7b0733b2ca77ac18e64ccbd89

Characteristics of Pakistani henna designs

  • These are based on the artistic and creative work.
  • Henna designs with red and brown colors are used more as compared to the dark gray
  • To add the beauty, glitters are also used instead of simple colors or gems
  • In Pakistan, it is not common practice to apply henna up to the elbow. However, henna designs encompassing the area from fingers to wrist are common.
  • Covering the palm side with henna is more common as compared to the backside of the hand. But now girls especially brides like to cover the backside as well.
  • In Pakistan, it is common practice to use henna on hair and feet during the summer season to avoid the heatstroke.
  • In rural areas, both men and women like to use henna on every occasion. It is not common practice in urban areas. In urban areas, only women and child like to make henna designs. The only groom in the urban areas applies henna on the palm of hand with a single circle or dipping the little part of the little finger.

Just like other South Asian countries, in Pakistan wedding ceremony is considered incomplete one without henna or Mehndi. An event titled Rasm e Henna or Mehndi (stand here for the event) is specified for this. This day is celebrated and attended by the women only. From men sides, the only groom takes part in this event. Nowadays it is common practice to attend this day even by the men as well.

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