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New Beautiful Indian Henna Designs for All Occasions

Henna has a very great importance in Indian culture. Among many South Asian countries, it is also an important part of the wedding. Marriage is considered as incomplete without henna and for the same reason a particular day named Rasm e Henna is dedicated for the same purpose in the wedding.

Most of the people have of the believe that henna was first used in Indian subcontinent. Actually, in the ancient Indian time henna was used as a means for remedy. It is mentioned in the Hindu Vedic books. However, it is not that henna that is being used as a decoration element. The henna was introduced by the Egyptians 5,000 years ago. At that time, this was used as means for cooling the body parts mainly heads from the heatstroke of the desert environment.

In the Indian subcontinent, henna was traditionally introduced during the Mughal’s era.

Check out the characteristics of Indian henna and henna designs

  • In past, henna was denominated as the sun on the palm
  • Indian henna designs are different to Arabic and African henna designs. These are very simple as compared to the other designs. The usage of leaves, vines, and other elements are widely used. Instead of merely filling the hands, it focuses more on the designs and styles.
  • In addition to weddings, henna in Indian society is used on various occasions like Diwali, Karwa Chauth, Bhai Dooj and various other Hindu festivals.
  • Indian henna designs contain very less of the pigment melanin.

You can purchase the ready to use henna paste from the general stores. However, the past of henna can also be made at home. You are only required to purchase the henna in dry powder from any herbal store and some water in it and get the paste of the henna.

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Here are some Indian henna designs for all occasions.

1. This design is perfect for the bridals. Then the addition of external objects and colors are enough to prove that this design is the mixture of Indian and Arabic design. This design is perfect for applying henna on the entire hand from fingers to shoulder.1

2. At apparent this design seems to be a tough one. However, it is complex not difficult one. Start from the First cover the fingers and then start from the thumbs to complete the design.2

3. Time to enjoy the traditional Rajasthani style contains the beautiful work of lines and little packs of henna. This design will seriously take some time to complete.3

4. This style is the mixture of the Indian and Arabic henna design. The addition of red pearls are giving the touch of Arabic style while rest one is entirely Indian henna style.4

5. This distinctive design is particularly for those who love henna on their feet. This design is ideal for the brides in addition to the others women. The unique about this design is that it is covering the complete feet in the perfect order. You can change the upper part with other design as well but keep the design on finger same as is in the image.5

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