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New Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs – Henna

In Asian countries, it is common practice among ladies to decorate their body parts like hands, feet, and shoulders with mehndi designs. Pakistani, Indian and Arabic mehndi designs are some popular mehndi designs among mehndi fashion lovers. Arabic mehndi designs are getting popularity because of being the different and diverse type of designs as compared to Pakistani and Indian mehndi designs. These are widely used in the weddings, Eid and on various other events and occasions.

Here some brand new Arabic mehndi designs.


First, we have got an Arabic floral mehndi design. Check out the beauty of the single flower that is appealing its viewers to do this on their hands. The involvement of peacock design on some parts is also doubling the beauty of this design.


The best about mehndi designs is that it always comes with the new design. You can use multiple objects, architectural design and much more to get the beauty on your hands, feet and shoulders. All fingers including thumb are covered in this design.


As the fashion is going to the next level so does, the Arabic mehndi designs are getting a new level of popularity among girls and women who always like to have something different for their hands, feet and shoulders.


It is going to be a breathtaking Arabic mehndi design that will first blow your mind with an entire uniqueness and then tempt your heart with its dashing charm and beauty. This design is for the crazy people only who can do anything for a new fashion trend.


One of the major characteristics of Arabic mehndi designs is that these always come with a modern and up to date design that are little hard to found in rest of the mehndi addictive civilizations. Now check out the way of placing of this Arabic mehndi design.


With all its magnificent and charm here is another Arabic henna design with a new level of charm. This design is for the back of the hand. It is floral henna design containing a one big floral and little floral around the big one and rest of the fingers.


Since ancient time, mehndi has always been considered as a must have a part to decorating the body parts. This mehndi design with tribal patterns is showing how much Arabic mehndi field is rich and evergreen. It will be suitable for the brides.


Have you ever seen such type of mehndi design? We are sure there will be a big no. This type of mehndi designs is hard to found in other countries except the Arabian countries. There is some coloring in most of the parts.


A unique Arabic mehndi design perfects for the hands of the bride. It is the mixture of various patterns and several mehndi designs especially the floral and peacock.


So, here we are ending with a dashing and unique type of Arabic mehndi design all made of beautiful roses of green colors. Surely it will get the brown color after getting dried.

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