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Latest Mehndi Patterns for Hands, Feet and Shoulders – Henna

Because of its feature of giving the stunning look to the body parts, mehndi is one of the most important fashionable products in the fashion requirement and accessories of the almost every women. Few lines arranged in a perfect order and nice placing can make the day of any women bright and full of enjoyment. Indian and Pakistani are two nations among the most of the mehndi loving nations that can’t think without mehndi when it comes to any event or occasion. First it was the time when each country has its own specified mehndi patterns but now in the age of globalization it is common practice to use the styles of other countries as well.

1Mehndi Patterns 1

It is going to be an awesome mehndi pattern giving a brand new look to the hand. You can do this design on both hands.

2Mehndi Patterns 2

Here comes the traditional Asian mehndi pattern for the brides. It is a full hands bridal mehndi patterns that you can do even on engagement as well.

3Mehndi Patterns 3

Mehndi pattern for hands is likewise getting to be form today, without mehndi the ladies do not looking appealing. That’s why it is now considered as part and parcel of women’s life.

4Mehndi Patterns 4

 Mehndi pattern simply bring brighten the women’s day. Here is a simple floral mehndi design for arms that will look simply stunning on you.

5Mehndi Patterns 5

One of the best combination of the peacock style henna design. You can do this design on both of your hands. However, make it sure you have applied this in the same order as it is.

6Mehndi Patterns 6

If you want to get your feet tattooed then go for this mehndi style tattoo design. Every area of both feet is covered in a nice arrangement. There is a great work even on the fingers.

7Mehndi Patterns 7

The specialty of this design is that it is simple yet elegant. The other best thing in favor of this design is that it is even possible for beginners to apply this design on both of their hands. But yellow nail polish is not suiting with this design.

8Mehndi Patterns 8

For the first time there is design for the palms of the feet. Beautifully arranged mehndi design will surely take a lot of time of yours and after that you will have to wait for few hours to get it fully dried to get the best shape and style.

9Mehndi Patterns 9

Here we have got another design for the brides. It is a totally floral based mehndi designs with little touch of tribal style peacock mehndi design at some part. You can surely get this design on both hands.

10Mehndi Patterns 10

One of the unique styled mehndi patterns for all enjoyment occasions. The lady with this design will be most prominent in the functions than others.

Rest of the mehndi patterns are also worth to explore. Check out these:-

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