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Latest Mehndi Or Henna Designs for Eid 2016

Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are the two important religious events that are celebrated by the Muslims around the world with full zeal and enthusiasm. In Asian countries particularly in Pakistan and India special arrangement are made before the day of Eid. The night before Eid that is called Chaand Raat is the most important day that is fixed for shopping by both men and women and also for Henna Designs(Mehndi designs).

People often visit the market on Chaand Raat. The younger girls and other women also apply the traditional henna on their hands and feet on the Chaand Raat. Henna designs that are applied on the hands and feet are the way of applying henna adding the temporary decoration on the skins. It by no means adds the extra layer or skin on the skin of hand or feet. It basically absorbs into the skin and become the part of the skin.

Check out dashing henna designs for Eid.


The beauty of this henna design is that it is the fine combination of Paki and Arabic henna designs. The purple gems and shading in the design are giving the touch of Arabic henna designs because the Arabic henna designs usually use the external materials and colors.


Whosoever introduced this design has no doubt done a great work. In the back of the hand, you can see the rose on the both hands. It will require some time to apply fully. Check out the design at the wrist and first finger. These two parts contain the net of design while rest of the fingers contains the little roses and circles. The addition of dots on the empty spaces is adding the beauty of this design.


For those who want to enjoy the work of petals and veils on their hands will surely like this design. This design seems very simple but is complicated at the same time. The design on the thumb and first finger will take more care because of heavy design on a few spaces.


For the first time, there is a design entirely at one side of the hand. It is not on the back of hand either it is at the one side of the hand and looking very decent. The beauty of this design is that in addition to being unique design is also very attractive.


This design can be used by any young lady but will suit more to the newly bride. Great work on both palm and rest of the fingers. Check it carefully the design on the palm of both hands is different. You can choose the anyone design for the both palm. Also, the design on the left hand will suit more on both hands.


Applying henna design on feet requires more care and work because the feet are not as plain has hands are. The circle design on the upper part that is surrounded by the sun like half circle is easy to design. But the design on the fingers will take some time. Glitter colors are also used side by side with henna.

Here are few others:

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