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Latest Mehndi Maruthani Designs 2016 – Henna

The word Maruthani itself stand for mehndi in the Tamil language. So, the point here is again same, and that is about mehndi, one of the most popular medium of decoration for women. As we are covering the maruthani mehndi design so, we will make it sure to award more place to Tami mehndi design. So, scroll down for the list of best maruthani design in the year 2016.

1Maruthani Designs 1

The specialty of this design is that it is looking very pretty and bold at the same time. Only two main designs are there; on fingers and the palms.

2Maruthani Designs 2

Black maruthani design also captivates the others because of giving boldness and tattoo styled design to the ladies. This design is especially for the brides. The design on the back of the hands is looking simply awesome and elegant.

3Maruthani Designs 3

A complete set of design for hands and feet. The design is same with some variations on palms and upper part of the feet. However, overall pattern of the design on all parts is nearly same.

4Maruthani Designs 4

Finally, here we have got a unique design. Design for the back of the hands. Looking awesome in its all placement but you can avoid the snake made design starting from the little finger as it is diminishing the overall charm of the design.

5Maruthani Designs 5

This design is for brides only or for those going to attend an engagement party. Have you noticed one thing? The pattern and placement of the design on feet and hands is same, and that is at one side of the hands and feet.

6Maruthani Designs 6

One of the most beautiful designs of the list. This design is covering the entire hand, arm and shoulder. This design is for those ladies who love to live in bold and gorgeous style.

7Maruthani Designs 7

Here we have geometric shape and earthy design to decorate your hands with maruthani for a long time now. Check on the fascination of this highly fancied round maruthani design.

8Maruthani Designs 8

Another mind blowing maruthani design going to inspire you. Got family occasions coming up or is it the wedding season? Here is one of the most amazing maruthani designs for the feed that will certainly catch your fancy.


Maruthani is one of the women’s craziest arts which is applied to hands and palms. Check out this mind-blowing and innovative back hand. At the central location, there is the symbol of Hindu religion. The Muslims can avoid this while Hindus can go freely with it.

10Maruthani Designs 10

A very clean and simple but professional bridal maruthani design for hands. It is going to be a floral maruthani henna design arranging over the back of the hands with a proper order and placement. The pattern of this design is really simple.

Check out the rest of the maruthani designs going to make your day.

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