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Latest Henna Designs 2016 for Hands and Foot

Jewelry, henna, and makeup are those three fundamental elements without which there is no concept of fashion for women. Henna designs are among those fashionable products that are now the part of fashion life of every woman. They like to use henna not to avoid sunny weather or heatstroke. The sole purpose is to make the hands and feet look charming and decent.

Here are some latest henna designs in 2016 for hands and feet.

Latest Henna Designs 2016 for Hands:

First of all, we cover the some stylish henna designs for hands.


This henna design is covering the palms and backside of the hands. The real work is on the palms of the hands. Complications are also at the back side also. The design on fingers is easy to apply.

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Another charming design that contains the three main sections mainly on all fingers except middle one, design on middle one and design on the back of the hand to the wrist. You can use pink nail polish with this design.


A lush design for the white hands only. Looking as the architectural work of Taj Mahal on hands. Instead of bolding the top of the fingers you can carry on the design of the rest of the fingers as well.


If you are going to become the bride or your engagement is near, or you are going to attend the wedding of your beloved one then this design is for that purpose. Instead of using the square at the back of right hand you can use the circle of the left hand on both sides.


It is going to be another outstanding design. What the beautiful work of flowers on the palm and shade lines on the wrist. Fingers design is easy as compared to the rest of the section.

Latest Henna Designs 2016 for Feet

Here are some outstanding designs for feet.


Entire upper part of the foot is covered in this design except the three middle fingers. You can also apply the designs on these fingers as well.


Check out the unique exterior of this design. Instead of being on the upper side of the foot it is on the side of the foot. If you are going to wear stylish sandals or high heels, then this is going to lush in the party.


This design will suit more to those girls who are found of wearing shorts. All part of the design are linked to each other. You can’t use it if you want to wear full trousers or jeans.


It is an exclusive design for the bridals. The addition of anklet or pazeb will double the beauty of the design. The design at fingers will take hard work.


This design is same as the design mentioned at number 7. Instead of being on the upper side of the feet this design is also at the sides of the feet. Excellent compilation of few circles and vines.

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