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Simple and Effective ways to Remove Henna from Body

The ongoing trend in the development of henna designs compels the women to have the new design each time they go for applying henna to their hands, feet or other body parts. For the same reasons, these women want to use those tips and techniques that enable them in easy and safe removal of the first one and apply another one. But it is not necessary that these women want to remove the henna in order to apply the new one design. There can also be chances that they simply want to clean the hands.

Removing henna from body parts requires top level of care because it is linked to the skin safety. If you go for the inappropriate bleach tools and tactics, then you will face the severe and negative skin issues in return.

Following are the some useful tips to easily and safely remove henna from the body.

Use Antibacterial Soapshand

Using antibacterial for removing henna is a very cost effective technique to remove completely henna. Make it clear you are not using the plain soap. Antibacterial soap is basically a kind of cleaning product that contains the chemical ingredients that will safely remove the henna from hands and feet. It will not work instantly. You will be required to wash your body parts containing henna parts from three to five times in an hour. Rub the hands on each other properly.

Lemon JuiceCapture

Instead of using any bleach cream it will be appropriate to use lemon juice. It will also work as a cleansing product with more power as compared to the normal bleach creams and detergents. Take a healthy lemon and squeeze the juice on henna stains. Now rub it gently for five minutes. Now wash your hand luke warm water. Repeat this process up to three times and you will feel it is working.

Scrub Using a Face Exfoliatormanos6

Here is another simple way to easily get rid of henna stains. Using scrub on the face for getting glowing skin is common among the women. You surely have the scrub in your makeup accessories. This time instead of using it on your face applies on the body parts with henna. Apply gently and scrub the areas as you scrub your face. Now leave it to get dry. After getting completely dried wash your hands. Repeat this process after two hours. Don’t use it again and again because it can cause damage to the skin.

Salt with Luke Water463937916642f95f8fef5b41428f3b5f

It is another cost effective and natural remedy to remove the henna stains completely. Keep a bowl of lukewarm water and mix some sea salt in it. For many centuries, salt has been being used a natural cleaner and detergent. Same will work here. Pour water mixture on the henna parts and rub it with hands gently. Keep on going and soon will see henna color is fading out. Repeat this process three to four times in a day after a gap of at least two hours.

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