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Health Benefits of Henna for Hair – Mehndi

Since Egyptians civilization, henna is being used for multiple purposes. In addition to beautifying the body, there are various other benefits of henna as well. Like in the case of applying the paste of henna on head, hands and feet you can combat against sunstroke and heatstroke.

In modern day, henna is considered as an instrument for fashion only. If go back to the ancient time or the period of two to three decades before then we come to know that henna was then being used for medical purposes and home remedies. It is good for hair because of being the natural strengthener and colorant. It contains all those benefits that will be the elimination of ringworm and reduction of dandruff.

Here we are listing the benefits of henna for hair. Check out what you can achieve by using henna for your hair.

1. Natural Conditioner

Henna is a natural conditioner for hair that will build a protective layer on your hair to protect these from external factors generates damages for hair. Use henna thrice in a week and this will make your hair healthy and thick. It will also ensure the locking of must has moisture in the hair as well.

2. Coloring Hair

Henna is the best natural way to dye the hair. Using henna for getting a new natural colorful look in your hair is most beneficial as compared to the artificial colors. The main benefit of henna is that case is it has no kind of side effects and delivers the faster result as compared to the chemical containing natural colors.

3. Dandruff Removal

If you are facing dandruff or hair falling problem for a long time period then right here is the natural herb in the shape of henna that will resolve the both issues for you. Take some henna according to your hair. Add some water and natural hair oil to make the paste. Apply this on hair and let them dry for three hours. Now wash off the hairs. Repeat this process two to three times in a week.

4. Henna for Hair Growth

The other benefit of henna is natural hair growth. Henna will provide you a healthy glow and volume to it and makes the hair shine and glow with all their might. Henna is the best solution for white and gray hair as well. By using the black henna, you will permanently get the black hair. For this, you are required to use henna three times in a month.

5. Solution for Curly Hair

Henna can also be used for those want to get rid of the curly hair. Curly hairs are the result of dryness in the head. Henna will keep the moisture of hair protected and will add power to them. It will make your hair straighten. Once you apply the henna on hair you will achieve the more volume on your hair. For this, you are required to use henna three times in a month.

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