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Health Benefits and Home Remedies of Henna

In modern day, young generation considers henna as a means for fashionable product only. The youth of today only knows this herbal product only use for decorating the hands and feet or using as a replica of the tattoo. However, they are not aware of the fact that henna was discovered as a mean for taking out the health benefits of it.

Egyptians were the first to introduce henna in the world. In ancient time, Egyptians had used the henna in their heads and body to avoid the sunstroke and heatstroke in the desert. This trend is still common in rural areas. With the passage pot time and the development in the life, henna started to use as a fashionable product only. The use of henna is even mentioned in the earliest Hindu Vedic ritual books in detail.

Here are the some health benefits of henna that you can enjoy in the modern age as well.

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1. Cooling Instrument:

Since ancient time, henna is being used as a cooling instrument. In past and even in the village, it is still common to have henna on heads and covering the palm of hands and feet also with henna to combat with heat in the summer season. It is a home remedy to decrease the inner temperature during summer.

2. Relax:

As it decrease the inner temperature in summer season so it relax the human body. It is a way to calm the mental situation by extracting the excess heat from the humans’ body. According to medical experts, henna also assists in resolving the skin issues as well. It can even use as a remedy to reduce fever as well.

3. Wound Healing:

Henna is a practical home remedy for would healing. The paste of this natural product can be easily applied to scrapes, wounds and burns for generations. This basically add the protective layer on the affected part and keep it safe from getting dust particles and other substances. Moreover, its natural cooling abilities absorb the heat from skin.

4. Henna for Cracking Nails:

If your nails are getting cracked or becoming dry then you must give at least one chance to henna. Simple henna paste mixed with some water will help you in removing the crackles from nails. Within few days, you will feel a new charm and glow in your nails.

5. Dandruff Removal:

In addition to working as a natural remedy against hair fall, henna is also a natural remedy against dandruff as well. Make a bowl of paste henna by adding water and some natural hair oil and apply on the hair. After three hours wash off the hairs. Repeat this process two times in a week. In addition to working on hair removal, it will remove dandruff.

6. Blood Pressure:

Henna is a natural product for controlling the blood pressure as well. Either apply on the hands, feet or head you will get a controlled blood pressure all the time

Note: If you have skin issues then don’t use henna without the permission of your doctor. Moreover, always use the natural and non-toxic henna to get real benefits and avoiding the side effects.

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