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Easy Henna Designs for Beginners Step By Step

Applying henna on hands and feet is really an art. Hands need more care as compared to the feet when applying henna. This mastery work overall needs serious consideration until finished in an artistic work. It is like cone henna is a paint brush and hands is canvas where you have to show the designing skills.

Applying henna is not as much complicated as the people have made it. Instead of learning too many methods, the one single tip to apply the henna designs as you want is that try your best to consider more on design and hands whenever you decorate your body parts with henna.

Here are the tips and tricks to for learning and applying the henna designs effectively .

  • Always use as ready to use henna in the shape of a cone. If you are beginner then using the paste of henna with sticks will be complex for you.
  • Always start with simple and easy designs like flowers, veils, leaves, heart and likewise other designs.
  • Before applying on the hands of others, get practice over the paper sheets.
  • Keep a tissue paper when applying henna. In a case of misapplication, erase it urgently before it gets dried.

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Now here are some easy and simple styles for the beginners. By learning these, the chances will increase that you will not be required to learn any course. We are at this moment starting with simple and then moves to the complex one.step-by-step-mehndi-designsmehndi-patterns 30-Easy-Simple-Mehndi-Designs-Henna-Patterns-2012-Henna-Tattoo-For-Beginners-30

First get practice of these designs. These are universal designs that are mostly used in all kind of henna designs. By getting practice over these, you will be able to apply these in a more complex way.


Now here is the first design and practice this design. As you can see this design contains flower of only one design that is applied in four different ways. All are same but are applied intelligently.1


Check out this one, quite simple and easy to apply. It is the simple work of lines and dots that are applied in a decent way. You can make these on all fingers. Patterns can also be increased in the case of covering the whole finger. This design can be applied on the wrist as well with more width as it has.2


Nothing difficult in this design also. Few lines in vertical and horizontal shape are on the fingers and the work of circles and lines in a mastery style on rest of the hand.3


It is the simplest one where you are only required to apply the cone in a circle format and then make few designs. To add the beauty you can add dots as well. The finger design mentioned in 2 and 3 can also be applied here as well.4


Now it’s time for little complex one design. The design is apparently looking as tougher one but if you look it closely, you will not that it is complex one not tougher one. Start from the finger and then move upwards.5

Note: The design mentioned in the first point needs more consideration as this will make you able to get grip. The main thing is getting the grip over the basic designs and then applying intelligently.

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