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Bridal Henna Designs for Hands and Feet

In South Asia, there is tradition to use the henna in weddings. Pakistanis and Indians are the two nations in the region who are much serious about this. As compared to Pakistanis, Indians are very ritualistic about the henna or mehndi function in the weddings. A lot of pre-wedding, during wedding and post wedding events, are organized by the name of Rasm e Henna.

Each country has its own ritual and ceremonies as per their own marriage traditions and customs. Just like many rituals and customs, Rasm e Henna nowadays considered as one of the integrate event of the wedding. The special arrangements made for this day by the bride side. Groom side also celebrates this day, but bride side enjoys this day with more fun. Henna is often sent from the groom side.

The ceremony is organized at the bride’s house. Now its fashion to arrange this ceremony in the banquet or marriage halls also on the eve of the Rasm e Henna day. In past, this day was specified for the bride side only. As the traditions grew, groom side also started to arrange this day. Now a day it is the trend to attend this ceremony collectively by the bride and groom. On this day, relatives of the bride start to apply the henna to the bride’s hands and feet. This trend has also been changed significantly. Special henna artists or beauticians are there to apply the henna. In Indo-Pak, it is common practice to write the name of the groom on the hand of the bride.

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This day is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm by the relatives.

Here are some traditional and modern henna designs for the bridal.Mehndi_work_at_a_south_indian_wedding

Applying henna to the elbows is common practice in India as compared to the Pakistan. In upper Punjab, bridals like to have henna to the elbows. In the Southern part of Pakistan, bride applies henna on the palm of hands and feet only.Outstanding-Bridal-Mehendi-Designs-

Check out the simplicity of this design that is sparkling at the same time. The great work of the small pattern nicely arranged on the both feet. The specialty of this design is that it is easy to make but at the same time it very attracting.e

This design will seriously need and expert to apply it carefully. It is very complicated to apply this design as it can take even hours to apply it properly. As you can see at one hand, there is the art of bride and on the other one, there is the art of groom. This two will take surely sometime to get the perfect order.

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This design is very simple one and will suit more on the clean and neat hands. It is giving the touch of tattoo because glitters are widely used in this design.

There are a lot of several henna designs for bridal that can be applied on the hands and feet. Check out the gallery containing the henna designs for bridal only.

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