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22 Beautiful Peacock Henna Designs for Hands, Shoulders and Feet – Mehndi

Lot of henna designs are there for hands and feet. Among these henna designs, peacock henna design is a highlighted henna design that belongs to the traditional henna design and is still widely used henna design among the henna lovers.

As compare to the feet, peacock henna design is more common to apply on hands and shoulders. Moreover, kids love more to have peacock henna design on their hands because they love the henna designs of the objects.

Here are some rocking peacock henna designs for hands, shoulders, and feet.

1Henna Designs 1

It is going to be a Chinese dragon based peacock henna design. Instead of the whole peacock, some feather parts of the peacock are combined in perfect order in this design

2Henna Designs 2

It is surely the perfect type of peacock henna design. A complete peacock is in the palm while work of its feathers is on rest of the hand, thumb and fingers. Very complicated but blasting at the same time.

3Henna Designs 3

Another example of peacock design that is looking like a Chinese dragon. Instead of copying the entire peacock, this design comprises its feathers part. There are two half flowers at the start and end as well adding the charm to the beauty of this design.

4Henna Designs 4A peacock henna design to apply on the backside of the hands. Starting from the first finger and ending on the wrist. You can also start it from the little finger instead of the first finger. Very easy and simple design to apply on both hands. This design can also be applied above the ankles as well.


This henna design is special for the diehard henna lovers who really want to do hard work. This design is surely looking beautiful, but it is not as simpler as compared to its beauty. Check out the peacock and rest of the henna designs on both hands that are entirely different from each other.


Here we are presenting the first peacock henna design for feet. We know it is going to be very complicated but not true in the case of real henna lovers who always welcome the unique henna designs. Entire work is complex but at fingers, it is more complex.

7Henna Designs 7

Peacock henna design for the feet of the brides. It is not going to be a complete peacock henna design rather some part of the peacock are combined in a nice way. Peacock henna design is above the ankles while below part contains the geometric design.

8Henna Designs 8

Peacock henna designs for the shoulders. You can go for any one on both shoulders. The right one is very simple as compared to the left one design. Both are equally charming and beautiful.

9Henna Designs 9

Another peacock henna designs for shoulders. This design is covering the shoulder and back part of the shoulder. There is some work of flowers as well to double the beauty of this design.

10Henna Designs 10

Closing at peacock henna designs for the hand again. This design is slightly bend over a part of the hand. Small dots and lines cover rest of the hand.

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