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Beautiful Henna Designs for Engagement

Using henna during engagement is highly different from using at the wedding. The difference is the design that creates the fine line between henna designs on two different occasions. Henna designs being used on the occasion of engagement are sleek, simple yet colorful and beautiful at the same time. But at the date of marriage henna designs that are used are denser and contains more patterns.

Here are some outstanding henna designs for engagement. You can use these designs for other events as well.


Just check out the simplicity of this designs that in addition to adding beauty to the hand rising at the same time. This design is basically the mixture of patterns. Keep the design like it. The central design is starting from the first finger and ending at the wrist.


The girls of today like to have henna design at the back of the hand rather than the palm. This design is perfectly design for those girls like to have charming henna design at the back side of hands. Apply the dot carefully at the end.

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Someone said, “Henna designs are always a depiction of the culture of the place they are from.” This mehndi design is ideal for the fiancée. It is looking as there is the usage of glitter in the design but the fact is that it is the only henna making the design.


For an expert, this design will take few minutes. Beginners can also try this design. The beauty of this design is that it is simple to craft and beautiful at the same time. There is excellent work of some leaves styles, flower petals, and vines.


If you want to experience the different henna designs on both hands then here is this design for you. The design is very complicated and requires very careful consideration. As you can see how everything is in order on both hands. It is giving the touch of geometry work.


There must be a distinctive henna design for feet. If you are planning to wear simple heel then with few strips, then go for this design. As you can see how this design is very simple. There are only two flowers, and rest of the work is done by way of lines and few leaves.


This design is going to brighten your feet. Is not it looking as the necklace on the foot? The resemblance can sound odd, but you can observe the design by yourself about how it is looking.


If you are planning for some oomph and glamor for engagement ceremony then here is a special henna design to enlighten your feet.


It is a special peacock henna design. If you are going to wear half sleeve shirt, then use this henna design. This special peacock henna design will take some time and careful consideration at the same time.


Only wrist, upper and some middle area are covering in this henna design. There is the usage of golden color as well.

Here are other henna designs that will also fascinate you.

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