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Beautiful Bridal Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi designs are known for delivering the unique level of lush and charm to the girls and women. These are different from the henna designs followed by the other nations where mehndi is the must have part of the fashion. In Arabic mehndi design, you can use the external materials like gems and glitters colors to add the beauty of the design.

Check out the latest bridal Arabic mehndi designs. You can also use these henna designs for the engagement purposes as well.

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1Henna Designs 1

It is going to be the first elegant Arabic mehndi design for bridal. Design on front finger and thumb are same while the design on rest of the fingers is different.

2Henna Designs 2

This is going to be a perfect design for the slim hands. Looking complicated but is very charming at the same time also.

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3Henna Designs 3

First Arabic henna design in the list for the feet of the bridal. The design itself is telling how much time it is going to take from you to get the proper shape.

4Henna Designs 4

Combination of both hands and feet. The design is same on both hands and feet. It is the traditional henna design because no inch is empty from the design.

5Henna Designs 5

Another example of traditional Arabic henna design. It is the specialty of Arabic henna design most of the time it contains the bold lines.

6Henna Designs 6

If look closely then the real design is starting from the front finger and slightly passing down towards to the wrist. Rest of the portion is not so complex.

7Henna Designs 7

Check out the fantasy of double heart with a new style at the start of the wrist. First, one is half and second one heart is also half but completing the whole heart design.

8Henna Designs 8

Bridal hands in every culture tend to fill more with henna. That’s why here is another bridal design that is covering the hand from fingers to above elbow.

9Henna Designs 9

In this design, there is some work of extra glittering brown color. For those bridals going to wear the half sleeves dress.

10Henna Designs 10

It seems Arabic design considered to be incomplete without any detail that’s why these tend to be bolder. Check out this one for the bridal feet.


Starting from the thumbs, leaving the rest of the fingers and going upward where ending in a peacock style. There is minimum work of circles and more of the vines and lines.

12Henna Designs 12

This design is one part of the feet. Zigzag design of the half circles with bold borders and single flower at the start is presenting the outstanding look.


Another example of traditional Arabic henna design because of containing the heavy work of additional decent colors. The design is very simple yet attractive at the same time.

Here are the rest of the bridal Arabic mehndi designs for hands and feet. You can have these on engagement events as well.

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