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Awesome Palm Henna Designs – Mehndi

Among hands, shoulders and feet, hands are the most important body part that always takes priority by the girls. Hands are the only body parts that always come first because these are more visible as compared to the rest of the body parts. In this article, we have covered some creative and awesome henna palm designs. Discover the best available henna designs for palm over the internet.

1Henna Designs 1

First of all, there is a peacock styled henna design for your beautiful palms. All part of the hand are covered in a same style and pattern so there will be not much difficulty in applying this design.

2Henna Designs 2

If you will closely look this, then there is only one design that is further classified into two sections. One-half set is on the upper side of palm and the second one is on the other corner comprising the rest of the palm, thumb, and first finger.

3Henna Designs 3

It is going to be an awesome sunflower design on the palm. Check out the beautification and way if presentation of a single piece of sunflower on the whole palm. It will beautify the hands of the bride. Moreover, design is very simple.

4Henna Designs 4

This design is particularly for those girls who love to have a simple yet elegant henna design. Like a vine of flower on the beautiful white hands. Three flowers are adjacent to each other while the fourth one is on the wrist bending at one side.

5Henna Designs 5

It seems traditional Arabic henna design for palm because of containing bold lines and dots. You can add gems or sparkle colors in the clear parts also. Wrist part is little complicated as compared to the rest of the design.

6Henna Designs 6

Presenting this design for the bridals or those girls waiting for the date of arrival of engagement. You can also have this design in diagonal shape with starting from one corner of the wrist and ending on the first finger or starting from thumb side wrist and ensign on the small finger.

7Henna Designs 7

Here is traditional Arabic henna design for palm. The girls and women adopt Arabic henna designs on the holidays, festivals and weddings. Except third and small fingers of both hands, rest of the designs are different on both hands.

8Henna Designs 8

Here comes another peacock henna design for palm. This beautiful henna design features peacock motif in the middle of the palm made of red henna. There is a little design on the wrist so don’t forget that too.

9Henna Designs 9

It is going to be another Arabic henna design for palms. Both designs are different from each other. The Same pattern of the henna design is on the fingers as is on the palm and wrist of each hand. You can have one design on both hands as well. But different design will add more colors.

10Henna Designs 10

Check out another peacock henna design at one side of the palm. Starting from the wrist and ending on the three fingers. You can start it from opposite side as well.

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