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25 Latest Floral Henna Designs – Mehndi

The word floral itself stand for an object like the flower. So basically the floral henna designs are henna flower designs. The complications of any henna design depend on the design you are going to apply. However, floral and peacock henna designs are widely accepted as the complex henna designs because both of these doesn’t involve the simple lining or few dots and circles.

Here are some stunning and impressive floral henna designs for all type of occasions and events.

1Henna Designs 1

Just check out the beauty of this design. Is it not simply awesome? Yes, it is! The one who develop this design has surely done a great work. The best about this design is that it will reveal about your choice of selection. Keep the design as it is without any alteration.

2Henna Designs 2

Have your noticed something different in this design? It is peacock design that is also in the design between the empty floral parts. You can keep it at thumb side as well, but it is giving a charming look in its current position.  You can extend the wrist part to the middle of the elbow as well.

3Henna Designs 3

This design is particularly for the brides. Others can also use this simple yet elegant floral henna design. This simple floral henna design will certainly catch your fancy.

4Henna Designs 4

Wanna enjoys floral henna design on the shoulder then here it is. One flower with weaving vines is enough to give you a dashing look. Even the professional tattoos will look dull in front of this shoulder floral henna design.

5Henna Designs 5

Simple floral henna strips for the anklet. You can use it if you are going to wear simple booties or short heels. You can also wear the sneakers with this design as well. If you like it then can apply it on the other foot as well.


This design is going to be the perfect blend of peacock and floral henna design. But one thing is best about this design at that is the look it is giving.

7Henna Designs 7

This design is especially for the brides and for those girls going to attend any wedding or engagement event. This floral design is also the mashup of peacock and floral henna design.

8Henna Designs 8

An Arabic style floral henna design especially for the feet of the bridals. As you can see how it is looking touch to apply this design. The addition to sparkling colors in the empty places is adding extra style and features in this design.

9Henna Designs 9

If you can’t use the above mentioned floral henna design, then use that one that is the little simple. The central design is starting from the thumb and rising above the ankles. This part will take some time while rest is very easy and simple.

10Henna Designs 10

As you can see the bottom of the foot is entirely covered with the different size of flowers and there is simple work on the part above the ankle. You only need to care about the patterns and rest is very simple.

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