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25 Modern Creative Henna Designs – Mehndi

Modern day henna designs mean only those designs that are popular nowadays. Henna has a great importance in every girl life. With the development of style and status of living, henna designs have also been developing since ancient time. The rising number of the henna and beauty parlor are also increasing the number of henna designs.

Scroll down for discovering the latest henna designs from the list of modern and creative henna designs.

1henna designs 1

Special henna designs for fingers. As you can see, only few dots and line are shaping this henna design because of being in proper order. On the back of the palm, you can make a heart or floral henna design.

2henna designs 2

The combination of floral henna designs and peacock henna designs with a special planning. First flower on one side of hand, the second one in the middle and third one at one side of elbows. In the same style, floral part it also changing its direction.

3henna designs 3

It is going to be an architectural henna design made of black henna. Great work is on the left hand while simple design on the right hand is also challenging the left one design.

4henna designs 4

Now, what is special in this henna design? No flower, peacock, vines or anything else; just a few disturb lines with a new grace. The idea is new that’s why is looking great.

5henna designs 5

Here is another simple yet charming and graceful modern henna design for the young girls only. It is looking like a necklace on the back of hand. The wrist is the neck part, and flower below it is looking like a locket or pendant.

6henna designs 6

For many it will seem as delicate tattoo based henna design, but the will be surely someone who will take this a simple henna design only. Both are right; you can take it the design as per your own liking.

7henna designs 7

An elegant and flowery henna design. Surely you have never seen anything like this before. The design on the first finger is looking like a ring and then it is raising upward all with a flowery henna design.

8henna designs 8

Two different modern henna designs on both hands are giving one message, and that is: beauty and arts are still there. Have you noticed one thing? Both designs are different from each other, but the charm of each design is really stunning.

9henna designs 9

Simplicity at its best that is dimming the grace of other above-mentioned henna design. Difficult to describe whether this design is about whole fingers or there are rings on the fingers? But one thing is clear it is very beautiful.

10henna designs 10

So, here we are ending at a water lily henna design. Yes, there is a lily on the center. It is an example of floral henna design only. The addition of ribbons and traditional bracelets on the wrist are giving a desi look.

You will surely like these modern henna designs also.

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