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22 Traditional Henna Designs – Mehndi

The word traditional itself stand for something that is entirely different from the acceptable modern principles. In the same manner, traditional henna designs mean those designs that are entirely different from the modern day henna designs. In the traditional henna design, you will notice one thing that these are complicated to be used on the body parts. Moreover, it took more quantity of henna as compared to the taken by the modern henna designs. Here is the list of the some traditional henna designs for those who are dying heart fans of the artistic and ancient style designs.

Henna Desings 1

Check out the first example of the traditional henna design that is looking very beautiful but is very complicated at the same time. Every design here is in perfect order.

2Henna Desings 2

What is the simplicity of this design? Simple and elegant at the same time. It seems someone has done CAD work on the hand where everything is in proper order. Looking like a work by the mathematician.

3Henna Desings 3

Here is a traditional henna design especially for the feet. It is a Rajhistani henna design. It seems necklace design on the foot. Three rounds of necklace are giving a stunning look.

4Henna Desings 4

A special traditional henna design for the brides. In fact, this design is the combination of floral, peacock and heart henna design. Two heart are on the wrist. At the start and end there is peacock design and fingers are decorated with floral henna design.

5Henna Desings 5

It is a traditional Arabic henna design. As you can see there is lot of architectural work here. To get this design, a large quantity of henna used. So, who is going for this design?

6Henna Desings 6

Now check out a floral and peacock henna design. The design on both hands are entirely different from each other. You can have same design on both hands as well or you can simply keep as it is, depends upon you.

7Henna Desings 7

Traditional henna design for the feet. As you can see same design is on both feet. You can also see how it is going to be complex to properly have this design on both feet. It will take time but will add the beauty on your feet.


Here is another example of traditional Rajhistani and Sindhi traditional henna design. As you can see this design is divided in various patterns. A planning is required to decide from where to start this design. It is suggested to start from the elbows.

9Henna Desings 9

This design is a simple traditional Arabic henna design for hands. Crafted in a well manner. The design on both hands are entirely different from each other. The one on right hand is more decent as compared to the let one.

10Henna Desings 10

So, here is the end of the one of the most complex traditional henna design of the list. It is not about design only. You have to make it sure that in the end you are going to get one three hearts from small to the large one.

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