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22 Beautiful Black Henna Designs – Mehndi

Many myths are associated with using black henna but still girls use this color henna frequently. The fact is it is the most often used henna color in henna based tattoos. Keeping in view the evergreen demand by girls for black henna design, we have round up some beautiful black henna designs for those ladies belonging to any creed like to apply henna patterns.

1Henna Designs 1

A perfect combination of floral and peacock henna design connected with each other with double lines like a railway track. These lines are not necessary, but you can go for it if it suits to your hands.

2Henna Designs 2

It is going to be a tattoo based henna design. The ring is in the middle finger while an interior design is on the back of the hand surrounded by little stars from all sides. Keep the design as it is. It is looking complete in the current position.

3Henna Designs 3

This design is especially for those girls like tattoo based henna design. It is going to an elegant black henna design. It seems on all fingers ring is made of henna and on the wrist, there is a watch too made of black henna.

4Henna Designs 4

Vines and floral henna design at one place starting from the middle finger and ending below the wrist. There is no design on the little finger, but you can make a ring on the little finger, but then you will be required to add some design on the thumb.

5Henna Designs 5

A common example of Arabic henna design because of being so wide in area. Care is needed for those ladies suffering from skin issues as this design can be very heavy for them.

6Henna Designs 6

Black henna design for the bridals and married women. It is the mashup of floral and peacock henna design. Patten is little complicated but very charming at the same time.

7Henna Designs 7

Simple black floral henna design with some few flowers arranged in perfect order. The addition to butterflies at some parts is creating a stunning look.

8Henna Designs 8

It is a simple black Arabic henna design for feet. One flower and some leafs are enough to get this look. Instead of leafs, little flowers can also be used if you know about the perfect pattern and arrangement.

9Henna Designs 9

This design is for the bridals only. But don’t wear high heels with this design. If you are a Pakistani bride, then ladies khussa will suit with this design.

10Henna Designs 10

It seems ankle chain is kept on one side of the feet. Is it not? It is very simple and simple henna design that can be made by anyone even by the beginner. It will take only a few minutes. Although it is simple but very attractive at the same time.

Here are the rest of the black henna designs that you will surely like to explore.

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