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21 Elegant and Unique Henna Designs and Tattoo Patterns for Shoulders

Henna designs have never applied on the shoulders since ancient time to modern day age. It is a tattoo that motivates the henna users to apply henna designs on the shoulders as well. In addition to women, men also like to have henna designs on shoulders. However, men like to use black henna instead of red or brown henna. These guys actually want to have tattoo enjoyment on the shoulders. Applying henna designs on shoulders is more common in India as compared to other South Asian countries.

Here are some stunning henna designs that you will like to have on shoulders.

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1Henna Designs 1

Check out the first elegant design on shoulder. What a beautiful heart is crafted on the shoulder? You can write the name as you want in the heart.

2Henna Designs 2

Starting from the center from a simple center and then expanding outward in the same pattern. Within three steps it will get the shape.

3Henna Designs 3

It is looking like the design mentioned at number three, but it is finer as compared to above mentioned one. It is looking as Indian Rangoli.

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4Henna Designs 4

This design is very simple and easy at the same time. The pattern is starting from the flower and passing down with the addition of leaves and some dots in the end.

5Henna Designs 5

This design is especially for the bridals. The addition of silver glitter is up raising the style and charm of the design.

6Henna Designs 6

For the first time, there is a design that is little in front of the shoulder. It is a peacock henna design.

7Henna Designs 7

Another henna designs at the front of the shoulder that is starting from the inner circle and expanding outward.

8Henna Designs 8

You can use one design on both shoulders. At one shoulder there is a heart and on another shoulder, there is a rose.

9Henna Designs 9

It is going to be a cool and colorful henna design. Work of colorful glitter is more.

10Henna Designs 10

An architectural henna design is starting from shoulder and ending above the wrist.

11Henna Designs 11

Beautiful henna designs on upper shoulder and back. It will take some time to.

12Henna Designs 12

A flower in the center surrounded by the leafs. Easy to apply.

13Henna Designs 13

A complicated henna designs at the front of the shoulder.

14Henna Designs 14

Elegant henna designs on shoulder and around the neck.

15Henna Designs 15

So, here is peacock henna design if you were eagerly waiting for that.

16Henna Designs 16

The perfect combination of henna designs for shoulder and hand.

17Henna Designs 17

A beautiful flower Rangoli type with weaving vines.

18Henna Designs 18

Look at the simplicity and beauty at one place.

19Henna Designs 19

It is going to be a very simple henna and adorable henna design. It is very easy to apply. Nothing is complex here.

20Henna Designs 20

Finally, we traced Rock women copying the tattoo of Rock and applying at the back of her shoulder by using henna.

21Henna Designs 21

Finally, there is another artistic work that you will surely like to apply on your shoulder. It is little narrow. You can also keep it wide, and it will look more beautiful in that state.

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