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20 Awesome Heart Henna Designs – Mehndi

The heart is the expression of love that’s why most of the romantic products contain the shadow of heart in any way. It is that icon that is equally used by men and women to express their lover for their beloved ones. Floral, peacock, vines and heart are some common and most popular henna designs widely used by the girls.

1Henna Designs1

Two heart on the palm side. One is exactly on the palm and the second one is on the wrist doubling the stunning look of the overall henna design. Filled henna on the upper part of the fingers is also looking beautiful. However, lines based design will give a new glamor. Choices are open for you.

2Henna Designs 2

As it is beautiful so much it is going to be complicated. Designed with black henna as the designed were created to be applied in only black henna. The design near to elbow is somehow complicated because of a massive variation.

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3Henna Designs 3

As you can see how much this design is simple. Only a few variations are there but are arranged in perfect order to deliver something eyes opening. The addition of dotted pattern in on the fingers and around the main heart deserved that place.

4Henna Designs 4

A heart design that will complete only when both hands will be joined. When these are in open state, there is nothing but flowers henna design on each design. However, when these will join each other, there will be an elegant henna design on one side of the palms. It is an impressive henna design.

5Henna Designs 5

The central heart that is in the center of the palm is starting with little hearts from the middle finger passing down towards elbow in also little hearts. There are not many complications in this design. Very easy and simple.

6Henna Designs 6

A hand full with only heart henna design. Entire hand is covered by the small and large hearts. Even the fingers contain the heart henna design. Three main henna design – one near the thumb and other two on wrist and elbow or really producing a new look. You can term it the traditional Arabic henna design.

7Henna Designs 7

Do you want to check something new and really challenging then check this design? It is simply like heart henna design already mentioned in point number four. However, it is much difficult to that design because of being complex. The heart will complete when you join both arms.

8Henna Designs 8

Well, it is for those who want to enjoy the tattoo styled henna design. Right here is a single heart made of black henna on the back of the hand. One is enough. Don’t add any vines, flowers, dots or lines.

9Henna Designs9

The fine mixture of Arabic and Asian henna design. The simplicity of design is representing the Asian henna design while the addition of yellow color is the example of Arabic henna design.

10Henna Designs 10

So, here is the last one henna design comprising a one long tail on palm succeeded by a short heart. The rest of conception is made of vines.

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